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The Vision of FCU is to be a global institution, taking advantage of technology to connect different actors anywhere, a comprehensive network of teachers and extensive collaboration with partners and branches around the world. Through partnerships with qualified educational institutions, FCU can expand its geographic and institutional reach, improve educational practices through the exchange of information and varied experience, and complement services by combining offers. A branch works as an advanced campus for a defined program, with basic functions to help local students, organize infrastructure and coordinate the celebration of specific classes and events.

These are our branches and current partners. Please feel free to contact if you have questions.

Sao Paulo - SP

Education – MA & Ph.D.
Business – MA & Ph.D.

Fortaleza - CE

Business — MA & Ph.D.
Education — MA & Ph.D.
Coaching — MA & Ph.D.

Joao Pessoa - PB

Education – MA & Ph.D.
Business – MA & Ph.D.

Curitiba - PR

Neuromarketing — BA, MA & Ph.D.

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