Doctor of Philosophy

Qualified professionals are in high demand. Having a doctoral degree is a significant advantage because it will give you the ability to think from different perspectives, solve problems, enhance your interpersonal and communication skills and be more critical. Florida Christian University’s doctoral programs help you to use your research skills to fulfill your task, with critical thinking, complex problem solving, and correct decision-making. So, do not just master a field, added to a field.

Entrance Requirements:

  • Enrollment Application filled and signed.
  • Diplomas of previous studies.
  • Official Transcripts of previous studies.
  • Copy of official identification.
  • Debit Authorization (if desired).
  • A passport type photo.
  • Pastoral Ordination if it were the case.
  • Master degree in the same area or in related areas of study.

Total Credits: 60 (900 hours)

Total Credits: 90 (1.350 hours) for Clinical Counseling.

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