Philosophy & Christian Worldview in Principled Education – English


  •  Know the sole two philosophies of life
  • Understand the roles of family, church and civil government in relation to Christian education
  •  Understand the importance of philosophy as the platform for the educational program
  • Present Christian education as the tool to build Christian character
  • Introduce education by Biblical principles and its distinctiveness
  • Set the foundation for education and curriculum with the culture and form of government

What you obtaining:

  • Acess to classes, around 6 hours video learning on-demand
  • Acess to the course for 1 month
  • Acess on many devices and operational systems
  • In this course, you will take classes of University level, used by FCU.

Important Information:

  • This course do not include credit validation of any kind.
  • This course do not include Certificate.